Approaching every project with infectious enthusiasm and with 10 years of technical skills, I’m passionate about creating dynamic, bold commercial product and still life images.

"Working with Edward on our events has been fantastic. He's captured everything that was required during the event and his shooting is very impressive. Edward is very reliable, attentive, and personable and would certainly recommend his services to others. We look forward to continuing to work with Edward in the future!" - Jack Williams, Head of Operations, Runthrough UK

“Working with Edward exceeded all my expectations with regards to the visuals of my play Justice. He created the perfect vision for people who didn’t get to see the performance. He was patient and committed to capturing what would work best, which is all you can ask for. Was a pleasure.” - Rees Jenkins, Director, Wooden Arrow Productions

"Edward Baxter is my go to photographer for shots of workshops, rehearsals and productions. As an actor himself he has an innate understanding of what to capture, when and how.  He is great at getting well edited material back to you swiftly and efficiently as well!" - Andrew Harries, Artistic Director, Young Actors Theatre Islington

"Edward did the photography for our hospital summer ball and we would highly recommend him. He produced our required images to an excellent standard and we were particularly impressed with how quickly the photos were edited and shared with us. A fantastic job all round." - Mary O’Brien, Doctors’ Mess Committee, Imperial College NHS Trust

Favourite Colour - Cobalt blue, preferably wrapped around an Aston Martin DB11
Happiest Moment - The evening I left my office job to travel straight to my first shoot as a full-time freelancer. Never looked back.
Favourite Photographer - Karl Taylor.
Least Favourite Thing - Slow walkers - the bane of any fast-moving photographer's existence.
Favourite Book -  Jurassic Park. Somehow more terrifying than the movie.
Guiltiest Pleasure - Jeremy Kyle lie detector compilations. Hard to get hold of these days.
Worst Job - I once loaded the delivery vans at a national retail chain (referred to on the job as “Slavesbury’s”). 4am starts, five days a week. That was fun.
Favourite Drink - An ice-cold Heineken after a shoot is a must.
Unusual Thing About Me - I can get from my IMDb page to Tom Cruise's in 3 clicks.
Favourite Subject to Photograph - Wildlife. Getting to shoot elusive animals is always rewarding. In the metaphorical sense of course.